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The goal of this study is to obtain a better understanding of social aspects of information retrieval in a variety of workplace settings. Information retrieval has been viewed as an individual activity, and tools to support it can benefit from a more complete understanding of why and how it is carried out. Part of our plan is to develop a conceptual framework to guide research, design, and organizational behavior in the area of Collaborative Information Retrieval (CIR).  CIR is defined as any activity that collectively resolves an information problem taken by members of a work-team regardless of the nature of the actual retrieval of information. To accomplish this goal, the study will investigate the manifestations of CIR in work settings when it occurs, and teamwork situations in which CIR does not occur. For this investigation, the researchers will use a work-centered conceptual framework that has been used in similar studies of individual information behavior. In this study, the framework will be extended to include collaborative information behavior.

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